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Different Types Of Ankle Sprains

Sprained ankles are one of the most common medical conditions and it affects thousands of people every year. It is also though commonly mistaken for an ankle strain.

Actually an ankle strain is where you stretch the ligament beyond its normal limitations, an ankle sprain on the other hand is where your ankle is stretched beyond its normal limits which results in a tear in the ligament.

There are different types of ankle sprains and knowing how to identify them is an important key in the treatment.

You will need to first identify if you have an ankle sprain or if it is actually an ankle sprain. Ankle sprains are put into three different categories depending on the extent of your injury.

The first type involves less pain and swelling. It will also take less time to heal as the other two. You will be able to bear some weight with a type one ankle sprain.

Generally if the pain ends in a day or two it is an ankle sprain. On the other hand if the pain continues and the swelling gets worse than it is definitely a sprain.

Now you will need to examine your ankle. If you cannot move your foot or bear much weight you probably have a type two sprain.

Check the amount of swelling and pain that you have. Also, check for the severity of loss of motion in your foot. If you have very limited or no mobility at all without pain, it is most likely a type three sprain. There are some other symptoms you will need to look for while you are examining your ankle.

If you have severe pain which is followed by no pain, you are unable to bear weight on the ankle at all, or lots of swelling you will need to seek medical care right away.

This usually means you have a type three sprain which is a total tear of the ligament and if not treated properly can result in surgery.

Trust us, if you can bear any sort of weight on your ankle, it’s most likely a grade one, or possibly a two ankle sprain. Grade three is very extreme, and quite rare.

If you suspect that it is a type three sprain, make sure to let your doctor take a look at it. If it’s bad enough, they will need to take x-rays’ to make sure you did not fracture the ankle.

Otherwise for type one you will not need to see the doctor but you will have to follow the Rice Technique to prevent further problems or damage.

Go to your emergency room, or doctor right away if you suspect you have a type three ankle sprain. You’ll need x-rays to ensure you did not completely fracture your foot.

If it’s really that bad, you’ll need to either wear a cast or boot on your ankle to aid in the healing process for at least two weeks. You will also still need to follow the RICE method, no matter what.