Sprained Ankle Rehab
Recover Fast, At-Home, Using Sprained Ankle Rehab

Sprained Ankle Rehabilitation

Ankle sprains are common injuries that affect thousands of people every year. It is a common myth that affects more people in the sports world versus the real world.

This myth is false as it affects each equally. The key to proper healing, as well as faster healing in a sprained ankle, is proper rehabilitation knowledge.

When you realize that you have sprained your ankle you need to act quickly. Rrest your ankle, elevate it right away and apply ice right away. Being proactive will help dramatically.

When applying ice it should be at half hour intervals only with an hour break between, if you fail to do this you can cause burning of the skin as well as deep tissue damage. Keep your foot elevated higher than your heart for at least 48 hours. This will help reduce your swelling.

Also, be sure to take Ibuprofen to aid in the swelling. There have been proven studies that patients that take Ibuprofen right after an ankle sprain will have less swelling and pain and even a faster recovery time.

Fast treatment is very important. The faster you begin the healing process after your sprain the less time you will have to be down. If you do not do immediate treatment and save it for later you will cause your sprain to heal a lot slower.

We are talking weeks to even months. Remember when you sprain your ankle most of the damage is caused by the swelling and if you do not treat the swelling you will cause worse damage. You need to make the reduction of swelling your primary concern.

If you are not able to bear weight on your ankle at all, you need to make an appointment with your doctor right away to assure that you do not have a broken ankle, or ligament damage. While this is rare, it does happen and can be very serious.

You will also need to avoid placing any weight on your ankle as long as you have swelling. Use crutches, or a shoulder to lean on, if you absolutely need to get around.

As the swelling goes down you can begin to apply light weight bearing, but in moderation to prevent more injury. As your ankle strengthens you can increase the weight bearing by walking short distances.

Balancing exercises can also aid in the rehabilitation process. Begin by balancing on one foot. In doing this you are strengthening as well as reinforcing those ligaments in your ankle. You should do this in 15 second intervals but again in moderation.

Ankle sprains can be prevented by wearing proper ankle supporting shoes as well as exercise. The more you do to strengthen your ankle now will reduce your chances of a sprain later. Remember if you do happen to have an ankle sprain fast treatment is important. The faster you begin the healing process the less time you will be down.