Sprained Ankle Rehab
Recover Fast, At-Home, Using Sprained Ankle Rehab

Sprained Ankle Healing

Ankle sprains are the most common condition in the medical field today. This condition will affect more than 25,000 Americans alone this year, thousands more  world-wide.

A badly sprained ankle can put you out of commission for up to a few weeks, and make the easiest day-to-day tasks seem like a struggle. Not to mention it’s  usually very painful.

Learning the right techniques and strategies on how to heal your ankle sprain properly is the best way to lessen this pain, as well as your down time.

First of all you need to provide your sprained ankle with plenty of rest. You need to elevate your ankle as soon as the sprain occurs. This will help reduce swelling. The elevation should be higher than your heart. This way as your resting your ankle the swelling will go down and not throb with pain.

In more severe sprains you should strongly consider using crutches. The crutches will help you prevent from putting any undue pressure on that ankle during its healing process.

Apply ice right away; do not wait till the swelling gets too bad. This is important because ice will reduce the swelling in your sprained ankle and when you keep the swelling down you will have less pain.

Most doctors suggest that you apply ice for half hour intervals with an hour break in between. This will prevent burning of the skin. Do not apply heat till the swelling is gone. Heat can cause worse problems if you apply it too early on in the healing process.

Next apply an Ace wrap to your ankle. Ace bandages are great as they help your ankle stay mobile without twisting. Start at the base of your foot and work your way up. It should be wrapped around the ankle at least three to four times.

Make sure you do not wrap it too tight as you can damage your circulation. They best way to know if you have it too tight is if your ankle begins to throb more than usual. You should keep the Ace bandage on at least a week.

Most doctors though suggest two weeks to allow for ample time to heal.

Also, you should take Ibuprofen every four to six hours. Ibuprofen helps reduce your swelling as well as the pain. Doctors will tell you that you can alternate Tylenol and Ibuprofen every two hours for extreme pain.

If your doctor prescribes a pain medication, you need to be sure to take it as prescribed. If you do this, you will notice a moderate change in your pain.

Once you have followed the above steps for at least two weeks you can begin light weight bearing. You need to do this in moderation so that you do not injure your ankle again. Make sure you wear shoes that support your ankles when first starting out.

This will help alleviate the chance of twisting the ankle again. You can also start low level exercise to build the ligaments in the ankle.

A sprained ankle can be an annoyance as well as painful. Knowing how to heal your sprained ankle properly will aide in the downtime and pain.