Sprained Ankle Rehab
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Recovery Time For A Sprained Ankle

Sprained ankles occur when the ligament inside the ankle is stretched beyond normal range, resulting in a tear. Recovery time for this type of injury will depend on a few different factors.

These factors are the extent of the sprain, the amount of swelling you have, the initial care you receive by either self diagnosing or seeing a physician, and whether you receive physical therapy or not. All these will play a big factor in your recovery time.

To better understand your recovery time you will need to understand the grades of sprain. Grade 1 usually only requires a week or 2 of recovery time. It is also associated with minor swelling and pain.

Grade 2 sprains are the most common and have various healing times. The damage to the ligament is not severe but still can cause problems. Most generally Grade 2 sprains take 4-6 weeks to heal. Grade 3 is the most serious of the grades, and can take the longest to heal. This sprain can take 8-12 weeks to fully heal if you don’t use the right techniques.

First of all let’s take a look at the extent of your sprain. There is really no fool-proof way to prevent the extent of your injury. In most cases, sprained ankles happen by complete accident when you lose your balance.

All you can do is try to prevent by exercise and strengthening of the ligament. One factor that will determine your recovery time depends on the grade of your fracture. Grade 1 will have a less healing time versus a grade 3.

Next is the amount of swelling you have. Each grade has a different amount of swelling, therefore will be affected by the grade of fracture that you may have. The RICE techniques are important to the recovery time for swelling.

The type of initial care you received is another important factor in your healing time. If ankle sprains are not treated correctly they can cause further issues and a chance of injury again is high. The best way to treat ankle sprains is to follow the RICE technique as well as any advice from your physician. Both of these will help reduce your recovery time if followed correctly.

Finally your recovery time will depend on the amount of physical therapy you did or did not receive. Physical therapy and exercise will lessen the swelling and pain as well as strengthening up the muscles in your ankle.

So as you can see, the recovery time in your sprain depends on a variety of issues, and is almost as unique as the individual the injury happens to. The extent of your sprain is most generally the deciding factor in this.

It will let you know which Grade of sprain you have. Each Grade has various healing times with Grade 3 being the highest. Doing the proper techniques, especially the Rice technique will greatly improve your chances of a faster recovery time.