Sprained Ankle Rehab
Recover Fast, At-Home, Using Sprained Ankle Rehab

Sprained Ankle Rehabilitation

Ankle sprains are common injuries that affect thousands of people every year. It is a common myth that affects more people in the sports world versus the real world.

This myth is false as it affects each equally. The key to proper healing, as well as faster healing in a sprained ankle, is proper rehabilitation knowledge.

When you realize that you have sprained your ankle you need to act quickly. Rrest your ankle, elevate it right away and apply ice right away. Being proactive will help dramatically.

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Sprained Ankle Healing

Ankle sprains are the most common condition in the medical field today. This condition will affect more than 25,000 Americans alone this year, thousands more  world-wide.

A badly sprained ankle can put you out of commission for up to a few weeks, and make the easiest day-to-day tasks seem like a struggle. Not to mention it’s  usually very painful.

Learning the right techniques and strategies on how to heal your ankle sprain properly is the best way to lessen this pain, as well as your down time.

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How To Tape A Sprained Ankle

When thinking of prevention in the aspect of sprained ankles, taping your ankle is at the top of the list. This is especially true if you are involved in type of physical sports that require your ankle to bend or move in odd ways.

A lot of big name sporting teams make taping of player’s ankles mandatory to prevent injuries and loss of time on the field or court. This also helps them keep their insurance down as well as saving them money in the long run.

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Sprained Ankle Rehab Exercises

The ankle region is the most weight bearing part of your body. It has the job of holding all of your body weight. Because of this the ankle is the most injured body part, affecting thousands every year.

When a person sprains their ankle they are 50% more likely to injure it again. Because of this high rate it is imperative that you exercise your ankle after the swelling has gone down to strengthen the ligaments and prevent another injury.

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Recovery Time For A Sprained Ankle

Sprained ankles occur when the ligament inside the ankle is stretched beyond normal range, resulting in a tear. Recovery time for this type of injury will depend on a few different factors.

These factors are the extent of the sprain, the amount of swelling you have, the initial care you receive by either self diagnosing or seeing a physician, and whether you receive physical therapy or not. All these will play a big factor in your recovery time.

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